Our Unique Menu

At Caribbean Kitchen Bath in Somerset, we take pride in serving the best Caribbean cuisine around. We have an amazing chef whose exceptional home cooking made us finalists in the Bath Good Food Awards in 2015.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick treat from our express deli or a catered night in, we are at your service. And as the only Caribbean outlet within a 12-mile radius of Bath, we guarantee you won’t find food like this anywhere else around!

Here’s a peek at our extensive range of menu options:


Available daily from 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Delivery available!

Soup of the day: £3.50

Wrap or Salad Bowl

Jerk Chicken & Salad: £4.00

Fried Chicken Strips & Salad: £4.00

BBQ Pulled Pork & Salad: £4.00

Caribbean Honey & Lemon Chicken: £4.00

Rice Wraps

Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas: £4.50

Chicken Curry, Rice & Peas: £4.50

Ackee & Saltfish, Rice & Peas: £4.50

Jerk Pork, Rice & Peas: £4.50

Caribbean Honey & Lemon Chicken: £4.00

Jamaican Patties


Vegetable/Saltfish: £2.00


Ting: £1.00

Ginger Beer: £1.00

Rio Tropical: £1.00

Sunkist: £1.00

Coke: £1.00

Water: £1.00

Cream Soda: £1.20

Grape Soda: £1.20

Coconut Water: £1.20

Tropical Rhythms

Fruit Punch: £2.00

Mango & Carrot: £2.00

Pineapple & Ginger: £2.00

Sorrell: £2.00

Peanut Punch: £2.50

Coconut Punch: £2.50